"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

Dear Christian,

My intention is to enlighten and give you another train of thought so you can perhaps quell the niggles and the contradictions of your New Testament – and I challenge you to research and discover for yourself that ‘all is not what is appears.’

Does God really change His mind and create a totally new religion/ way of life for His people after the spectacular giving of the Torah some 3.500 years ago to a Nation of people who all saw and heard God speak to them? This was truly a one off situation that cannot be equalled. All religions apart from Judaism are created by an individual and prone to massive delusion resulting in unparallel deception – such as Christianity and Islam. Both of these religions say they follow the God of Israel, in truth they do not.

Judaism stands unique that the Revelation at Sinai, the giving of the Law, both written and oral was given to an entire Nation – men, women, children and Gentiles (Noahides) who heard and saw with awe and fear – God communicate with His people!

What I find incredible  – is that if Christianity is hewn out of Judaism, (and they say it is) why don’t Christian’s follow the Torah/Tanach and the God appointed Rabbi’s that have the authority to teach?  They and they alone were called to be a “light to the nations”, nobody else, the self assumed role that Pastors, Priests, Elders etc; play is a man-made and a self appointed Roman creation which is far removed from Judaism. The New Testament is a copy cat of paganism and mistranslations of the Torah/Tanach teachings.

My Christian background was RC/Pentecostal/Charismatic/Reformed. I was born into a Roman Catholic family and was convent educated until I was 12. Like many people I drifted away from my religion as I found it very hypercritical and stifling. In my late 20’s I began to ‘feel’ a need to find God and certainly have wandered down some ‘interesting’ roads in order to find Him. However  after a brief return to the ‘mother church’ I found that the sermons were equally dry and all the splendour somewhat tacky. Don’t get me wrong, to the undiscerning the Roman Catholic church is quite awesome, with all its idolatry, pomp and ceremony.

The next road I turned down was the Pentecostal/Charismatic road, for all its faults, it was lively, entertaining, and seemingly very spiritual.  And the pièce de résistance the so called  “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” the proof was speaking in tongues, prophesying, laying on hands and last but not least  the deliverance of demons. At that time of my life, I belonged to a thriving fellowship which I spent many happy years and made friends for life. It was while I was in this fellowship, that I began to question this “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, I was aware that I did not have the ‘power’ that I should have as a so called  Spirit filled Christian. I paced the streets for days prayed long and hard and told God I would go anywhere to get this ‘Baptism’……it did not materialise.

Though I functioned as a “Spirit filled Christian,” did all the speaking in tongues etc., this lack of ‘power’ constantly niggled, however  the feeling something was not right persisted, so after many months of frustration I started to check up on a few things. Especially the bible teaching in the fellowship, and things just did not add up.  The claiming of the (Jesus) ‘blood’ for protection, deliverance of demons, speaking in tongues, which frankly sounds like hysterical nonsense, and this is communicating with God?  And that it doesn’t matter whether I understand it or not, it is a matter of faith and bypasses the valuable intellect that God gave us! Never mind that one is talking utter gibberish and prayer should be intelligent, thoughtful and respectful. It is hard to believe that intelligent people can be so duped by such absolute nonsense  (myself included). The so called slain in the spirit, ‘drunk’ in the spirit,  barking like dogs, writhing on a floor, cackling like a chicken ad nausaum; the really scary thing is people really believe that this is how God expects us to act!!  Just a brief reading of the Torah, will enlighten this cannot be – this is God Almighty and not god almatey that we deal with here. There in lies the difference in the God of Israel and the god of the New Testament – they are not the  same!

This understanding did not happen overnight – it took several months for the penny to drop. And a lot of heart searching, bible study, research and studying church history. I guess I can liken it to not being well and not really knowing what is wrong. I am not going to make light of these discoveries, it is not nice being deceived, in fact it is horrible as I was totally committed to this way of life.

The next road was the Reformed Faith or Calvinism – it seems much saner then the Pentecostal/Charismatics and much more in depth teaching – I have a perchance to be whole hearted in what I do, and ‘religion’ is no exception. So unlike the P/C’s, this is a much simpler way describe them. So devouring books on the Protestant faith, Calvinism, the Reformation, Martin Luther and the other Reformers, this seemed the way to go. We joined a Baptist Church which was reformed in its thinking – the beliefs of the Reformers is that the ‘gifts’ of the Spirit have ceased – and therefore with my new found understanding – things seemed to slot into place for a couple of years. Then again came the questions, finding out that John Calvin was in fact a murderer, he murdered Michael  Servetus  in cold blood  explains in full detail what an atrocious crime it was.http://www.bcbsr.com/topics/servetus.html

Also Calvinsim’s false doctrines of ‘grace’ –  Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance also known as T.U.L.I.P. The reasoning behind them is ‘Pauline’ and utterly wrong and totally flies in the face of the Torah. Folk talk about Roman Catholicism and Protestantism being different but they are both hewn from the same rock – a break away does not make a new rock  just a divided rock. And the killing that has gone on for centuries  and still goes on in the name of Christianity is horrific, totally unjustified and completely insane – all in the name of a myth!

So now where is one to go?  I am all out of denominations – this then became a single road of just Jesus and me. I bumbled down that for some years. I missed fellowship/church life. I still remained in contact with some Christians. Notably the church we left – never contacted us again, out of sight out of mind I guess!  I have not gone into the whole gambit of what happened, because it is not necessary.  Still seeking truth and avidly researching – Nobody could have prepared me for the bombshell that was to hit in late 2009……

I actually refused to listen to my brain/intelligence and all the little niggles that concerned me and  I still continued following the New Testament now called by me the ‘GT.  And for those of us who like a tipple this does not stand for gin and tonic – sorry! However it does stand for Greek  Testament.

Certain scriptures did not add up and like a lot of Christians I just ignored them. It was at the time it was  inconceivable that there could be anything wrong with the KJV ‘Word of God’, so the problem was mine – well it had to be!!

I started to research the apostle Paul .. and found to my horror that not only was he a liar but also a false prophet and a deceiver. Now that is a problem if you believe like I did that the New Testament ‘GT’ was the word of God specially in KJV format – I continued to research for weeks contacting all that I could to verify what I had discovered. It was I must admit pretty shocking  … I could hardly follow this liar and a cheat, if anyone wants any proof of this I have reams of info which I will gladly furbish you with. I was also staggered at the amount of people who also had discovered about Paul and his brilliantly clever deception. I would just like to add, that Paul was a firm favourite of mine, I had  at the time no problems with his teachings and in fact I loved them. So it is kind of a double whammy when one finds out – that he is not what one thought he was!

I no longer accept any teachings from the New Testament. The long and short of it was, I could find no scriptural backing in the  (Torah/Tanach) for the Pentecostal Charismatic movement  or the Reformed/Calvinist and its teachings or any of the gospels and Paul’s epistles.  And the vast contradictions in the GT is mind boggling!  The absolute obsession with the KJV being declared the ‘anointed word of god’ is due to ignorance, (of which I also believed at this time) because the lies, deception and false teaching is certainly not from the God of Israel.

During this time I was reading the Torah more and more and discovered only Paul had the monopoly on Original Sin and there was absolutely no evidence in the Torah of this. Also there was no evidence that one needed a saviour to die for ones sins as the G-d of Israel has made more than enough provision for the Gentiles and Jews. (I was not au fait with the Gentile’s salvation at this stage – and like millions of other believed that I needed a saviour). There was also ample evidence that the virgin birth was not about Jesus, nor is there one shred of evidence about Jesus even being mentioned in the Tanach (Old Testament). There was no satan as a devil or damnation to eternal hell fire as stated by the New Testament. It certainly is not in the Tanach (Old Testament). I wish I could say I just shook my head and thought. ‘Oh dear I have been deceived’ – I did not – I went potty, I really was beside myself … all these years of believing in a suffering and dying saviour for my sins, my dearest friend Jesus – was nothing more then a Dagon a false idol – the whole lot came tumbling round my ears and feet. I was absolutely devastated. The Messiah that I thought would be coming in the clouds – the Messiah that saved me from my sins, the Messiah who came to redeem the world – was a false prophet, a liar and a total sham, a myth and possibly a Roman pagan creation.

It was not too hard to slip in to atheism at all – I really felt cheated, lied too, let down and totally deceived. I am a pretty outgoing person, but this floored me …and then a black depression set in. I cannot overstate the horrible condition I was in. However my youngest son wisely said to me … ‘You need an anchor – the change in you is not good, and you are just sinking into depression and misery, which is so unlike you….’ Wise words from my 26 year old. I took on board what he said and again engaged brain aka intelligence and began to think ……..and my did I think. What could bring me back from this black abyss? This helped to balance my thinking .. I do not believe in evolution – so the obvious opposite to that is that there has to be a creator – so therefore there is a GOD …. And if this has happened I should count my lucky stars and stop wallowing in depression because after all I have been a seeker of truth for 15 years. And though I had at that time not found a replacement for my ‘faith’ – I had to admit to myself – Yes, I do believe there is a God, who he was I did not know – he for sure was not the god of the New Testament – and that time he was the only one I knew! But this Universe did not just create itself – there might be many who would disagree with this … but I had found an anchor. Then the second anchor was believe it or not the eternal Jew. And then day by day very slowly I began to reconstruct my shattered faith and discovered the G-d of Israel was all men’s God and not just the Jews.

Jesus and the New Testament were dead to me all the rubbish and all the lies were buried – not quite gone if I am honest, as it is hard to just cut off a ‘life’ line of many decades. And occasionally I found I pined after this Jesus who in fact is an emotional hook.  My once Hero was a complete Zero – the realisation was scary that I had been horribly deceived as have millions before me and probably millions after me!  And worst of all I had insulted the true G-d of Israel who is the ONLY G-d completely singular, the ultimate, indefinable, infinite Essence.

We contemplated becoming Jews, as the truth to us was loud and clear – however Rabbi’s have no intention of converting gentiles to become Jews, and it was hard work, this is normal and one really has to convince them one wants to be Jewish. It was a frustrating time and we tried to keep the Shabbat and struggled with Judaism, not that we did not accept their wonderful G-d but to try and follow Him Jewish style was pretty nigh impossible!

Then one day we stumbled on the truth – the fact that all peoples are either Noahides  or Jewish… and it was like a switch went on … and we knew that we had finally found The Ancient Path, the crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow – which is very apt as all gentiles are part of the Noahide Covenant – the difference between those who do not follow the 7 Laws and those that do – is that we are observant – but nevertheless all humans are born Noahides. Nobody becomes a Noahide – So G-d has neatly done away with any religion apart from those following the One G-d of Israel. Two sets of people Noahides and Jews. One Road. There is no need for ‘religion’ period – God has provided for all humanity a way of  obeying Him, pleasing Him,  knowing Him and loving Him. There is nothing ‘new’ about the Noahide Covenant – perhaps because of the importance of this little known Covenant the world as a whole has seriously erred in following after ‘strange gods’ and their religions. Since Noah, and that includes Abraham, Jacob and  Isaac  awere all once Noahides – when Abraham came on the scene, the world has almost reverted back to before Noah and was steeped in idolatry and paganism. Abraham was a huge exception in his quest for finding the true God he was well rewarded with an amazing relationship with God, which climaxed with Moses at Mount Sinai when God gave him the Torah and the 10 Commandments (which include the Noahide Laws) to the Jews. These laws are binding on all humanity, whether the Torah for the Jews or the Noahide laws for the gentiles. The Jews and no other peoples were called to be a light to the world and it is through them that we learn to know and understand God.

The New Testament  ‘GT’ is very anti semetic and teaches false lies about the Jews, and as we learned more and more of Judaism we discovered that the New Testament has perverted and misled billions of people due to misappropriating the Old Testament (Tanach) to try and make us believe that Jesus was real and the promised Messiah. While in fact he did not fulfil one iota of what the real Messiah will do. As the true Messiah has not yet been revealed.

As we have grown to understand what it is to be a Noahide, it is in fact the Jews responsibility to teach us Noahides the Torah and how to live good and useful lives – it is a huge learning curve, but well worth it. It is a rude awakening to discover that we are entirely responsible for our lives .. and that there is no ‘quick (Jesus) fix’ and no saviour needed to redeem us.

There is such a lot to learn and it is really encouraging. It is truly worth all that I went through to discover that Hashem is the most amazing G-d and is not the New Testament ‘GT’ God at all. Sadly they are not the same. HaShem really is very approachable without the need of JC as a mediator and is forgiving, kind and is truly a Father.

Recognizing how to live as a Noahide is so utterly simple and natural – there is much material on this website which will lead you to to other sites for you to peruse – I hope you can benefit by the articles, and the idea being, that there is much collective information at hand to help and enlighten the bewildered and instruct the seeker.

Please don’t be offended by my occasional references to engaging brain and intelligence – this is not a slight on intelligent people – until it involves religion – then common sense seems to fly out of the window –  just accepting the inaccurate drivel that many preachers dish out every Sunday seems to be the norm – Christianity does not encourage you to ‘think’ – its slant is on blind belief and  faith!!  And of course one must NOT question this!!

“Well Mr Religion you are fresh out of luck here – many of us are questioning and even better, finding out we have been lied too for far too long! There are far too many discrepancies in the New Testament ‘GT’ to be the word of god!”

Edom is afflicated with Christianity – and Edom will be destroyed. This is serious – for following a mythical god, can only bring terrible heartache and pain. You and me are responsible for our own sin and unless repented of to the true God of Israel  – we are still accountable. God has never left us to our own devices – there has been instructions to all people how to live since the Garden of Eden.

May the force of Truth be with you … your not alone!

Richest Blessings



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{ 9 comments… read them below or add your own }

Helen November 6, 2011 at 4:58 am

I would just like to say that your story is very similar to mine. I was raised Catholice, converted to Protestant Christianity after being “evangelised”. Went to a Pentocostal church, found out they were teaching falsehood, left, never went back to a church pew except on three more occasions, trying to get back in there somehow, didn’t work. Tried Calvinism, found out it was wrong. Tried Messianic Judaism and then thank Hashem found Him after discovering the truth via a website. It was a big bombshell to find out I had been duped but nevertheless liberating to say the least. I am now an Observant Noahide and thank the God of Israel for not giving up on me.

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Larry May 12, 2012 at 8:56 am

Your story is like mine in that it took years to finally accept the truth. I was raised catholic and enjoyed it. I went to many churches just to see what they were like. But stayed a catholic. Then one day started reading some not so flatering things about Paul on a Jewish website, or something by a writer. This really got me thinking about what I believed. When I was young I believed what they told me to thinking this would please g-d.  As I got older of course all this fell apart. To make a long story short, recently I have decided to completely give up christianity.  I need help on what to do next so thanks for the tips.

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Dave & Yvonne May 15, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Shalom Larry, nice to hear from you – feel free to write and vent how you feel, it can be a lonely and frustrating road!!

Where are you in your beliefs at the moment? Anything I can do to help just let me know!!

We know some excellent people we can put you in touch with who are helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable!

Warm regards

Dave and Yvonne

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Larry May 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm

I tried to contact you through your email address and it failed. Is there another way to contact you?

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Dave & Yvonne May 22, 2012 at 6:16 am

Larry [email protected] will get to me!! Hope all is OK with you?



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Larry May 17, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Thanks for responding.  When I was a christian, catholic, I knew what to do. What prayers, novenas, roasarys what holidays to adhere to.  Where and what day to go to church.  Now I know neither.  I have read you ebook Introduction to noahide laws once now.  Are there any other books that would help or similar,  Specific to noahide?  What bible should I get?  Is there one with explinations of the scripture?

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Dave & Yvonne May 22, 2012 at 6:33 am

Larry just noted you asked about reading – there is so much to learn Aish.com is a brillaint learning curve – on my blog I have some fasinating and interesting learning under Aish.com will probably answer a lot of your questions http://noahide-ancient-path.co.uk/index.php/category/judaism-articles/aish-com-2/ also if you go into e-books you will find some instructive and interesting reading – if you are not au fait with Judaism be prepared for a interesting ride!! I absolutely love it …. it all makes such common sense!!



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Larry May 30, 2012 at 2:01 am

It’s because of the common sense I fell in love with it.  Thank you so much for all your effort. 

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June Cantrell December 21, 2012 at 1:28 am

Hi Yvonne
                great to meet a fellow Noachide
I am a friend of Frances and she and I came to know about the Ancient Paths together
Thank you for putting up this website and perhaps you can email me when you get time.

            Peace and Blessings

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