"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

A Comparison of Judaism and Christianity










G-d-centered, selfless Man-centered, selfish
Bible (5 books of Moses) written by G-d, with Moses as secretary New Testament written by man
G-d creates man in His image; thus man has a soul and free will Man creates G-d in his image; thus Jesus is declared to be a deity
Bible (Hebrew Scriptures) quotes G-d directly, in His own words, over 3800 times New Testament never quotes G-d a single time, other than quotes from the “Old Testament”
Man’s purpose is to serve G-d through His Law—the commandments G-d’s purpose is to serve man by providing salvation—for free
G-d’s commandments are binding obligations G-d’s Law is a nice idea, but it is only “fruits of the spirit,” not a duty
Jews believe in the Bible because G-d said so (orally) Christians believe in G-d because the Bible tells them to
Jews study the Bible only according to the oral tradition received from G-d Christians interpret the Bible according to their own ideas and opinions
Jews believe in Moses because G-d gave him authority Christians believe in Jesus because he gave himself authority
G-d controls evil, using it to punish sinners and for other purposes The devil controls evil, using it to rebel against G-d
By doing G-d’s commandments, man brings G-d closer Christians wait until G-d brings Himself closer to man before agreeing to do any good works
Man follows G-d’s commandments according to G-d’s own detailed instructions, whether or not it makes sense to man Man uses his own reasoning and interpretation to decide what are “good works” and what are not
Man transforms the world to reveal its Creator — to bring G-d’s eternal kingdom here on earth Man leaves the world behind, escaping earth to enjoy heaven
G-d creates and runs the world to serve Him Evil controls the world, which will ultimately be destroyed
Man has direct access to G-d through prayer and repentance; any mediator only gets in the way & blocks the relationship Man has no access to G-d except through a man (Jesus)
Doing G-d’s commandments is a privilege & opportunity that provides true freedom G-d’s law is a burden and a curse that enslaves and condemns man
G-d made eternal covenants—1 with Jews, 1 with gentiles—and He keeps His promises G-d “changed His mind,” throwing away the old covenant for a new on



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Clear Mind March 2, 2013 at 8:38 am

I read the chart through and as someone who is neither a Jew nor a Christian I came to the conclusion that this was the thinking of someone who has been ‘brainwashed’ by a type of evangelical thinking.

 The claims for Judaism against Christianity are febrile and erroneous…  look at the first claim. God didn’t write the bible… Moses did. Moses claimed that he was directed to do so by God. The New Testament was written also by men – some are accounts of the life of Jesus and his teaching, some are ‘letters’ etc… no-one claims that they were written by God. 

Sadly – all the writings instruct that rules have to be followed in order to be nearer to God. Once again, the writings reveal the human predilection for following rules, having an ‘authority’ – in other words – a very human interpretation of God.

How does a human being dare to say that they are able to understand God? Understanding the nature of God is like trying to explain the workings and purpose of a bicycle to an amoeba! It is all posturing  and power games!

We are so far from understanding God and to even continue to say ‘He’ in that respect is conclusive evidence of our ‘making him in our image’. God is the universal principle and energy of all life… neither good nor bad… God just is.   All the rest, the teachings, the churches/temples/synagogues/mosques etc, the priests/pastors/rabbis/imams etc are ALL man-made positions of pretended authority.

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drydend April 12, 2013 at 8:43 am

The fact that you are neither Jew nor Christian doesn’t make you unbiased or impartial. There are many other ideologies that a person can adhere to which makes their statements just as evangelical and brainwashed as you accuse the author of this list of being.

Your criticism of the first point is incorrect because it didn’t just say “God wrote the Bible” and stop there. It said in full “Bible (5 books of Moses) written by G-d, with Moses as secretary”. That means it is already accepted that Moses was the physical hand that wrote the Torah. The only thing you dispute is the source of Moses’ words. There’s little point in debating that here.

Your sentence about writings revealing a human prediliction is an overgeneralization and only reveals atheistic presuppositions. No, I’m not saying that you are an atheist. I’m saying that you assume and presume that all these writings just have an human source with no hint of divinity as a source. This can only be a belief derived from atheistic assumptions, but are not fact.

Nothing in this article spoke of understanding God or His nature, so your paragraph on that is irrelevant. And to level the claim against Torah or Judaism that it says that is undesrtands the nature of God, his essence only betrays an ignorance of Torah and its underlying principles, especially about the transcendance of God. It shows a double standard when you falsely condemn a group of people that don’t claim to fully understand God and you sayd that they claim to understand God and then you turn around and, at the end of your “rebuke”, say “God is this” and “God is that” as if you understand God any better, and even worse, without any revelation from God himself to tell you what “He” is!

Understand this: your outspoken words only shows an arrogance in what you already believe but says nothing of Truth, if you even believe such a thing exists. And your manner and statements about what we can know and the source of writings about God does show a person who is already clinging to an ideology, a faith, an assumption, a belief, and mostly likely one that precludes you from having a firm foundation for your words, since without revelation from an objective being such as God, objectivity is ever-elusive and nigh-impossible to find in purely human endeavours.

Also the fact that you have a problem with calling God a “He” shows that you don’t understand how it is used in Torah or Judaism. I would ask that you take a step back, beware of making blanket statements about something you don’t know about, and then ask the proper questions and then be prepared to accept things that are not part of our current worldview as the views of someone else with a different understanding than you.

“pretended authority” – Ha! I’ve been studying the power governments claim they have, the authority that scientists claim in their arrogant and pompous conclusions about things they have never experienced, the way we humans can go about claiming this and saying that. It takes a lot of find true authority. Yes, it takes a lot to find true authority. Since you don’t accept the religions you condemn, there is nothing I would dream of saying to change your mind about the authority of those within those religions. But it takes a lot to find true authority in any human avenue of life, because in the end, most of it seems to boil down to manipulation and force.

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