"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

Can we try to understand why Jews don’t believe in JC? Not so we can deprecate other religions, but rather to make clear the Jewish position.

The more we know and understand, the better-informed choice we can make about the spiritual path we will follow.

Let us explore some of the reasons Jews do not accept Jesus as the messiah:

1.   JC did not fulfill the messianic prophecies.

2.   JC did not embody the personal qualifications of the Messiah.

3.   Biblical verses referring to JC as Messiah are mis-translations.

4.   Jewish belief is based on national revelation.

5.   Xtianity contradicts Jewish doctrine


What are the Messianic prophecies that he is supposed to accomplish? The TN’K says that he will:

Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28).

Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6).

Begin a time of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease. As it says: “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4)

Spread universal knowledge of the Elohiym of Israel, which will unite humanity as one.

As it says: “Elohiym will be King over all the world, on that day, Elohiym will be One and His Name will be One” (Zechariah 14:9).

JC fulfilled none of these messianic prophecies.

Xtians say that JC will fulfill these in the Second Coming, but Jewish sources counter that the Messiah will fulfill the prophecies outright, and no concept of a second coming exists



JC was not a prophet. Jewish theologians tell us, “Prophecy can only exist in Israel when the land is inhabited by a majority of world Jewry. During the time of Ezra (circa 300 BCE), when the majority of Jews refused to move from Babylon to Israel, prophecy ended upon the death of the last prophets — Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.”

JC was not born approximately 350 years after the death of the ‘last prophets’.


The Messiah must be descended on his father’s side from King David (Genesis 49:10 and Isaiah 11:1). According to the Xtians JC was the product of a virgin birth and he had no father. This would mean he could not have possibly fulfilled the messianic requirement of being descended on his father’s side from King David!


The Messiah will lead the Jewish people to full Torah observance. The Torah states that all mitzvoth are binding forever, and anyone coming to change the Torah is immediately identified as a false prophet. (Deut. 13:1-4)

Throughout the New Testament, JC contradicts the Torah and states that its commandments are no longer applicable. (John 1:45 and 9:16, Acts 3:22 and 7:37)


Biblical verses can only be understood by studying the original Hebrew text which will reveal many discrepancies in the Xtian translation. We MUST go to the source wherever possible.


The Xtian idea of a virgin birth was developed from the verse in Isaiah 7:14 describing an ‘almah’ as giving birth. The word ‘almah’ has always meant a young woman, but Xtian’s centuries later translated it as ‘virgin.’ This ties JC’s birth with the first century pagan idea of mortals being impregnated by gods.


The verse in Psalms 22:17 reads: “Like a lion, they are at my hands and feet.” The Hebrew word ki-ari (like a lion) is grammatically similar to the word ‘gouged.’

Therefore Xtian’s read the verse as a reference to crucifixion: “They pierced my hands and feet.” Totally without regard to the true meaning found in the Hebrew Bible.


Xtianity claims that Isaiah chapter 53 refers to JC, as the suffering servant.

Actually, Isaiah 53 follows the theme of chapter 52 directly, describing the exile and redemption of the Jewish people.

The prophecies are written in the singular form because the Jews (“Israel”) are regarded as one unit. The Torah is filled with examples of the Jewish nation referred to with a singular pronoun.

Just as we would say ‘family’ although we were referring to many members.

From where did we get such mis-translations? St. Gregory, 4th century Bishop of Nanianzus, wrote: “A little jargon is all that is necessary to impose on the people. The less they comprehend, the more they admire.”


Of the 15,000 religions in human history, only Judaism bases its belief on national revelation. The Creator speaking to the entire nation rather than to individuals.

We, in America, find this hard to comprehend since this country is made up of diverse ethnic groups, religions, people of varied national origins. We have no idea what it is like to have all the people in the nation ‘being the same’ as it is/was in Israel.

Judaism, unique among all of the world’s major religions, does not rely on claims of miracles as the basis for its religion. In fact, the Hebrew Bible says that Elohiym sometimes allows the power of miracles to quacks, frauds and imposters, in order to test His people’s loyalty to the Torah (Deut. 13:4).

The Jews did not believe in Moses because of the miracles he performed. If our belief is based on seeing miracles we may have lingering doubts, knowing there is a possibility that the miracles were performed through trickery, magic or sorcery.

The miracles performed by Moses in the desert were not for proof of his status as a prophet but because they were necessary.

Jewish belief was and is based upon the revelation on Mount Sinai. A revelation given which was seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears, not dependent on the testimony of others.

In Deuteronomy, we read, “Face to face, Elohiym spoke with you” and the Torah also says: “Elohiym did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with us who are all here alive today.” (Deut. 5:3)

“Judaism is not miracles. It is the personal experience of every man, woman and child, the eyewitnesses, who stood at Mount Sinai 3,300 years ago.”



The Xtian idea of Trinity breaks God into three separate beings: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19).

The Shema in Torah says: “Hear O Israel, YHWH is our Elohiym, YHWH is ONE” (Deut. 6:4).

Jews declare the Shema every day, they write it on their door posts and binding it to the hand and head.

The Shema, this statement of YHWH’s being ONE is the first words a Jewish child is taught to say, and the last words uttered before a Jew dies.

Worship of any ‘god’ instead of YHWH, the Almighty Creator is blasphemy. A tripartite god is blasphemous.


Most Xtians believe that ‘G-d’ came down to earth in human form, because JC is quoted as having said: “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).

One of the Jewish sages said, ” God is incorporeal, meaning that He assumes no physical form. God is Eternal, above time. He is Infinite, beyond space. He cannot be born, and cannot die. Saying that God assumes human form makes God small, diminishing both His unity and His divinity.”

The Torah says: “God is not a manl” (Numbers 23:19).

According to Judaism the Messiah will be born of human parents, and have normal physical attributes like other people. He will not be a god, nor a half-god and will not have supernatural qualities.


The common in Xtianity belief is that prayer must be directed through an intermediary. JC seems to have proclaimed himself an intermediary for as he said: “No man comes unto the Father but by me.”

Prayer is between each individual and God. The Psalmist says: “Elohiym is near to all who call to Him” (Psalms 145:18).

The Ten Commandments state: “You shall have no other gods before ME,” Does that mean it is forbidden to set up a mediator between Elohiym and man?


Roman Catholic doctrine treats the physical world as an evil to be avoided. Mary, their ‘holiest woman’, is portrayed as a virgin. Celibacy is required for priests and nuns. Their monasteries are usually in remote, secluded locations.

Judaism believes that Elohiym created the physical world not to frustrate us, but for our pleasure. Sex in the proper context is one of the holiest acts we can perform for it is by this act that we fulfill the commandment to be fruitful and multiply.

The world is in desperate need of redemption. War and pollution threaten our planet; selfishness and confusion ruin family life. Wickedness seems to prevail.

Can we hurry the coming of the Messiah, the true Messiah? Perhaps if we learn to love truth and justice, to keep the mitzvoth of the Torah, and encourage others to do so as well.

We wait and look forward to the salvation of YHWH

Deut 26:17-19

17. You have declared this day that YHWH is your Elohiym and that you will walk in His ways, that you will keep His decrees, commands and laws, and that you will obey Him.

18. And YHWH has declared this day that you are His people, His treasured possession as He promised, and that you are to keep all His commands.

19. He has declared that He will set you in praise, fame and honor high above all the nations He has made and that you will be a people holy to YHWH your Elohiym, as He promised.

This writing is a compilation from several sources.

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