"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

Constantine and all his “Pagan Coins”, A little evidence …

December 4, 2012

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By Mark Dreher (thenewholybible.org)

Even though the founder of Catholicism, Roman Emperor Constantine, was said to have been converted from paganism to Christianity, he continued to put pagan symbols on all the coins that he had minted. The evidence on his coins indicates that his full conversion to Christianity was anything but sincere.

This is an example of the coins that Constantine had minted even after his questionable conversion from paganism to Christianity, on its back it still contains the inscription and the symbol for his favorite pagan sun God, “Sol Invictus”. The truth be told, Constantine surreptitiously simply changed the name of his favorite pagan sun God “Sol Invictus” to “Jesus” in the half pagan/half Christian hybrid called “Catholicism” that he came up with.

The Catholics simply gave Sol Invictus the new name “Jesus” so that they could keep worshiping the old pagan sun God under a guise. In fact Constantine even made up December 25th as the fake new birth date for Jesus just because it was the age old traditional birthday of his real favorite, pagan sun God, “Sol Invictus”. This coin is a common example that is representative of all the pagan coins Constantine still minted even after his so called conversion. He continued to mint these coins to commemorate the pagan sun God Sol Invictus right up until the day of his death.

Constantine even unilaterally changed the Sabbath day from the designated day of Saturday to “Sun” day to commemorate the pagan 
“Sun” god Sol Invictus.

The men who laid out Catholicism/Christianity – were pagans.

Some interesting tid-bits about old Constantine, the founder of Catholicism, that you should never forget include, (and these happen AFTER he became a so called “Christian” by the way): He had his own first born son executed, his eldest son Crispus (strangled). He had his own wife executed, his wife Fausta (boiled alive).  He was a zany guy to be sure. And to sign up new followers was pretty easy for him. “I got to try to sell this pagan ruse back in Rome” – famous Constantine quote. “It might even pick up a small following since if they don’t do it I will kill them”. “The world is saved!”  “Wait a minute, who is at our gates?”  “How can God be with us if we are about to collapse?”  “The greatest empire known to man can not just fall!”  “God owes us big time, I mean all the Gods owe us big time, because we got them all covered!”  “Rome can not just collaps……………” – end of transmission.

 Constantine tried to combine the so called “best bits” of paganism by blurring it with his Roman gods. And the pagan ruse he came up with is the big multi headed monster that calls itself “Christianity “. 

 What was the official name of the Frankenstein monster creation that Constantine came up with?  Catholicism.  Bingo.  What happens to you after you drop off the other half of that so called “religion”?  You get a name change.  Now you are called a: A Protestant.

 And what does that mean – well it means you are a chip of the old block and you are as pagan as the block your chipped from!! No change whatsoever!! 

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{ 12 comments… read them below or add your own }

Mark Dreher March 16, 2013 at 1:11 pm

Say, I notice you plagiarized this article from my website (thenewholybible.org), with no credit given.
Why is that?
Mark Dreher

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drydend April 16, 2013 at 11:16 am

Please accept our apologies, sir. We’ll rectify this shortly.

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Mark Dreher August 19, 2013 at 1:32 pm

As far as Judaism goes.
That is a very poor choice also,
Very very unlikely that either one, will go to Heaven.
And Judaism, does not even have a Heaven.
No chance.
You must become a Protestant, just like the Catholics, to go to Heaven.
And avoid Hell.
We all got to be good now my dears.
We all got to be good.
Mark Dreher

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drydend August 19, 2013 at 7:06 pm

the Jewish tradition has many differences with what the christian religion has to offer. Unfortunately your knowledge of Judaism is lacking as seen by the superficiality of your statement. This can be seen as much in the different description of the Law, what happened with Adam and Eve, how to get forgiveness, the purpose of the world and humanity, the main message of the Jewish Bible, the purpose for Jews and non-Jews, etc. For all intents and purposes, we are talking about a religion in xtianity, and a national heritage linked with a universal purpose in Judaism, essentially apples and oranges. So I can understand why you don’t understand what the rewards in Judaism.

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Mark Dreher August 20, 2013 at 11:46 am

My dear,
Interesting, but you did not comment SPECIFICALLY about my link on God’s “Tisha B’Av curse” on Judaism.
I like red herrings, as much as the next guy.
But let’s try and maintain our focus.
What do you think of my page on the “Tisha B’Av curse”?
If God himself, is against you
How do you sleep?
Again, I have had enough herrings.
To the point, please.
Mark Dreher

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drydend August 22, 2013 at 7:13 am

Part of me wanted to laugh when I saw the article that you pointed me. The other side of me saw the seriousness of our slander against Judaism and couldn’t. But then, with a little thought and focus on God, I realised that truth at times is something not to get emotional about, just direct. So let me direct with you.

That webpage is a lie, a deception, something incongruous with the truth. You said: “You could easily say that God’s relationship with the Jews ended on that day.” In this case, to state that God’s relationship with Israel essentially ended when he told them to go into the promised land and they, for whatever reason, said no, is refuted by the more than thousand year history after that of God having multitudes of interactions, both good and bad, with the Jewish people as recorded in the Jewish Bible.

Again, Judaism, or more properly the covenant between God and Israel has lasted 3300 years. And then you spot a date where something bad, even tragic, has happen 12 times in that 3300 year history, and that gives you reason to call the Jews and Judaism cursed and not the place to be. That is a immature and erroneous approach. Do you know how small a percentage that is? 0.3 per cent! God punishes the Jews 0.3 per cent of the time on that date that makes Judaism curse???? So 0.3% of a country happens to be above 6 feet and 5 inches tall, would you then comment on how tall that inhabitants of that country is??? Sorry but that is just a rubbish percentage. And based on that small percentage you make an extraordinarily large claim. That makes your claim unfounded, unsubstantiated, based on essentially nothing.

Now you may say, well look at how tragic each of those 12 occasions were. But that points to the opposite of what you’re trying to say. If you actually took not of what the bible, the Torah teaches, you would see that there is an occasion where two men who were priests, Nadab and Abihu, were killed on the spot for not using the correct fire on the altar. And what was God’s response to what others would call a small infraction against his laws? “I will be sanctified by those close to me”. Those who are closest to God have the highest responsibility and get the greatest blessings for obedience but the worst punishments when they fall by a relatively small fraction because they are held to a higher level of accountability. The covenant given to Moses and Israel, the everlasting covenant, has been established by scripture so we already know that they are in a closer relationship with God than the nations, which is why other nations can get away with plenty of crap whilst Israel gets nuked for much smaller infractions. If I have a firstborn son, a son that my other kids look up to, doing something wrong, I’m gonna make sure, through discipline, that he gets corrected. Because of his role, I have to make sure his corrections are seen in one way or other by my other kids so that they learn something from it. The extra closeness and the role of that firstborn makes it important that he gets it best but also the hardest. So Israel’s punishments are the opposite of being far from God or cursed by him. Those to whom much is given, much is expected.

And you do all this to point people to christianity. At least that part is expected from you. But then again, looking at the methods of your predecessors and the originators of christianity, Jesus and Paul, I can understand why, for you, a valid method would be to twist the truth to pull someone to your side. Maybe you know no better. I’m sad for you regarding that. I will leave up to people who care about truth to do the research on the subject rather than shooting down both of them here and now. Got a whole website to do that anyway.

So to answer a few of the smaller points, since we are committed to God’s truth as revealed in the Torah, we sleep fine thanks. We also wake up everyday thanks to his kindness and use our skills in his service.

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Mark Dreher August 25, 2013 at 10:18 am

Well Drydend,
I would not call it “a slander against Judaism”.
It is the historical record.
Remember, Chabad.org AND Wikipedia, are the cross references listed. And their articles, are quite the same as mine. Chabad, practically calls Judaism, cursed.
And if “Judaism is cursed”, would you not want, to get into a better religion?
A better religion is “one that will deliver you to Heaven”.
One that performs.
There is not even a Heaven in Judaism.
Am I right?
So, why do you like it again?
That, is a mystery.

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drydend August 25, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Thanks for replying in such a way that shows you didn’t read or deal with my response. I didn’t doubt that the events you mentioned happened on the date you say. I attacked your interpretation, a fault that continued in your latest weak reply. To say that chabad, an orthodox Jewish organization “effectively” called Judaism cursed essentially means that chabad ACTUALLY didn’t say that but you interpret it as such. And that’s one of your weaknesses. Your conclusion about Judaism has no weight because your interpretation is skewed. So you asking me if I’m still happy with Judaism only shows that you think you can impose your erroneous conclusions on me, conclusions I’ve already dealt with.

I’m not going to try to convince you. And your conclusions are so spurious and essentially baseless that you’re not gonna convince me. We disagree. Go your way and try your wares elsewhere. You were the one that came here to share your point of view. Because of the falsehood in your conclusions we’re saying “no thank you” and have our hand on the door to close it whether you remain talking or not. Embrace humility and walk away.

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Mark Dreher August 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm

Well, a member of Judaism, simply “has to convert”.
Not, the end of the world.
The minister at my own church, is a former member of Judaism.
So, that is easy.
And, the Second Coming has landed.
Here is his website.
Now, is NOT, the time to be a “quasi atheist”.
It really isn’t.

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drydend August 27, 2013 at 4:50 pm

A member of Judaism just has to convert??? not the end of the world? May not be the end of your world but you would have destroyed a Jewish soul. Of course it is easy. Even your own worldview says it’s easier to sin than to do what is right. since you say it’s easy, seems like it’s a sign that this former Jew of yours took the easy route, the “way that seems right to a man but the ends of it is destruction.” As with many things in xtianity, what is joyful for you causes damage to the world.

Again, a sign of your inverted and twisted interpretation when you relate those who revere God with atheism. I’m almost tempted to keep you talking because you’re proving me with more ammo against your opinion than I need and showing up yourself, which more that I could ever do.

Thanx for doing my job for me.

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Mark Dreher August 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

A lot of words, you know, a lot of words.
Yes, a Jew “has to convert”.
Or, you go to Hell.
That is not prejudice, that is common knowledge.
“No one gets to the Father, except through me” John 14:6
Are you aware, that you labor under “a falsified bible?”
A doctored bible.
The Tanach, that you now use, “does not reflect the original texts”.
It is a fake o.
Here is the link, that explains it.
So why, did you feel the need, to make up “a fake bible?”
Which specifically, deletes all references to Jesus?
If, Jesus is fake?

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drydend August 29, 2013 at 12:48 pm

This back and forth is getting tedious. And your depiction of “common knowledge” … it shows me that this conversation is not worthy of being prolonged.

Just to give another point of view about the lie you promote about a doctored bible:


Any future response from you will just be deleted. Conversation over.

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