"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

The Key of David – Conspiracy Formed Against the Life of the Great King

May 10, 2011

in The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

“And the thing was made known to Mordecai, who told it unto Esther the Queen, and Esther certified the King thereof in Mordecai’s name.” Esther 2:22.

“Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the King delights to honor.” Esther 6:9.

Be it known to the wise, and unto all those who delight in understanding and knowledge, that to attempt to Divide any being, from the highest Existence down to the lowest animal, would not only endanger life, but would undeniably prove most certain death.

It is an established axiom, or certain truth, that “Union is Strength,” but we can plainly see from the above that Union is Life.

There are many persons who, for want of this most important knowledge and understanding, are not only in Doctrine, but in practice, holding up and supporting Division by a Trinity; who, upon the above most certain axiom, that “Union is Strength,” and also that “Union is Life,” are unconsciously and ignorantly engaged in a Conspiracy against the Life of the Great “King of Kings and Lord of Lords,” who is God; for all division of the Divine Unity, by making a Plurality in the Godhead, must prove certain death to all such minds as think that they are in possession of the Truth and Spirit of God, whilst believing in a Trinity, or Tri-ism of Persons. For depend upon this one great truth, that any soul who attempts to Divide God’s Unity into a Plurality of Persons, that God will not dwell with such minds, neither will he endure a Rival in a second Person, or in a third Person, as a God; for He has declared that He is a “Jealous God,” “and my glory will I not give to Another.” Isa. 62:8. Esther, or the beautiful Hadassah, represents the Jewish Church, with her Divine Law, continually certifying to the King’s Unity, and therefore to the preservation of his life, and ever ineffable NAME.

“Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is only One Eternal Being.” –“One Lord.”


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