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7 Laws of Noah
"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

7 Laws of Noah

The Seven Noahide laws – a brief outline …

December 17, 2012

by Rabbi Oury Cherki According to Judaism, a Noahide is obligated to keep seven basic commandments: The Seven Noahide Laws: 1) Prohibition of Idolatry 2) Prohibition of Blasphemy 3) Prohibition of Bloodshed 4) Prohibition of Sexual Immorality 5) Prohibition of Theft 6) Prohibition of Eating Flesh from a Living Animal 7) Requirement to Establish a […]

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Israel in The Beginning …

November 21, 2012

By Terry W. Hayes The world is in turmoil once again one nation rising up against another. As Israel seeks to defend itself many people and nations speak out not only Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself against terrorist and oppressors but against those who do not believe it has a right to exist […]

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Avodah Zarah (Idolatry) …

November 12, 2012

Posted by wayoftheking Terry W. Hayes Avodah Zarah is the Hebrew term that is translated as, ‘idolatry’ in the English; it literal translation is. ‘Strange worship’ or ‘strange service’ Most people associate idol worship with ancient pagans bowing down before a wood or stone object. Today many in this modern world especially in Christian America would not consider […]

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So that all the nations of the earth shall know the Lord is G-d … 1 Kings 8:60-61

April 3, 2012

“So that all the nations of the earth shall know the Lord is G-d; there is none else. Let your heart therefore be whole with the Lord our G-d, to follow His statutes and to keep His commandments, as of this day.” – I Kings 8:60-61 The Seven Commandments of the Covenant of Noah, the […]

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Torah For The Nations …

February 16, 2012

TORAH FOR THE NATIONS The weekly Torah portion and its lessons for all people Mishpatim, Exodus 21:1-24:18 The Sinaitic Covenant by Avraham ben Yaakov The narrative of the event known as the Giving of the Torah – when all the people of Israel stood at Mount Sinai, heard the voice of HaShem and undertook to […]

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The Amazing Journey of Jim Long, an Observant Noachide.

February 11, 2012

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons This is the first of a new Aish.com series, where we interview fascinating people with seven probing questions. The Torah, as explained in the Talmud, presents seven mitzvot for non-Jews to observe. These laws are the pillars of human civilization, and are named the “Seven Laws of Noah,” since all humans are descended […]

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The Newton You Never Knew …

January 24, 2012

By Arnie Gotfryd Dr. Gotfryd, I just received your email about Newton and thought I would share this dvar Torah I gave last year at my (Chabad) shul in Atlanta, Ga. Samuel Silver. Dear Readers, Here’s an extract of that fascinating and enlightening talk Reb Sam gave in honor of his fathers Yartzeit. AG Sir […]

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The Experience of Becoming A Noahide …

November 16, 2011

This might help other Noahides who are struggling with the awful implications of being deceived by a false religion! This information comes from another website. When we began compiling this web site it was our intention to aid the Noahide in what is a “steep learning curve” and to help him or her overcome the […]

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Q & A: What is the Difference Between Jews and Christians?

June 15, 2011

Jews are a people who descend from Jacob (or non-descendants-of-Jacob who have joined the Jewish people through conversion to Judaism). The foundational teaching of the Jews is their Torah (literally “Instruction”). The Torah mainly documents the formation saga of the Jewish people, but it also contains the precepts of the covenant between them and the […]

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Knowing God – without Jesus: The 7 Laws of Noah

May 19, 2011

What the Noahide Code is Not The Noahide Code is not a religion. You do not have to keep a Sabbath, or pray certain prayers at certain time of the day. You are not required to keep any festivals or holidays. There is no special commandment to dress in a particular way, as long as it is […]

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Oklahoma B’nai Noach Society – 7 Noahide Laws

May 18, 2011

Rabbi Yechiel Sitzman was born in Germany before World War II, and grew up in the United States. He studied in Yeshivot in the US, England, and Israel. He is on the teaching staff of The Jerusalem Academy of Jewish Studies (Yeshivat D’var Yerushalayim). He has been active in advising Noahides and has assisted Rabbi […]

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The Truth for all Righteous Gentiles: The Chosen

May 14, 2011

The choseness of Israel relates exclusively to its spiritual vocation embodied in the Torah; the doctrine, indeed, was announced at Sinai. Whenever it is mentioned in our liturgy – such as the blessing immediately preceding the Shema… it is always related to Torah or Mitzvot(commandments). This spiritual vocation consists of two complementary functions, described as “Goy Kadosh,” that of a holy […]

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Brief introduction to why this webpage was created…

May 13, 2011

Welcome Dear Reader, This webpage was put together to bring information easily assessable to all who are seeking Truth. We feel that by putting articles and books on here to peruse, it might if you’re a Christian or in any other man made religion – cause you to think …. could we have been deceived? […]

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Foundation of the The Noahide Laws

May 13, 2011

Rabbi Dr. Shimon D. Cowen   THE SOUL AND THE RESONANCE OF THE DIVINE   1. IN THE IMAGE OF G-D Jewish thought addresses not only the Jewish people but also general humanity. Whilst there are differences in the spiritual personality of Jew and non-Jew and the Torah provides different directives for each, there is […]

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The Magnificent Seven – Noahide Laws

May 13, 2011

Alan W. Cecil The Seven Laws of Noah are, at their basic level, the most uncomplicated and straightforward religious concept known. No idolatry, no blasphemy, no murder, no stealing, no illicit sex (hold marriage between a man and a woman sacrosanct), do not eat the limb of the living (be kind to animals), and create […]

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The Seven Laws of Noah

May 9, 2011

  by Rachav The Torah has basic laws for universal adherence, known as the “Seven Mitzvot of the Sons of Noah”. As enumerated in Tractate 56a of the Talmud Bavli and explained by the Rambam (Yad HaChazakah, Melachim 9), they are: 1. Do not worship idols. 2. Do not curse God’s name in any language. […]

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The Origin and Derivation of the Noachide Laws

May 7, 2011

taken from Rachav’s page with permission by Yishay Adam received six laws from God in the Garden of Eden [1]. The seventh was given to Noach and his descendants. The purpose of these laws was to be the foundation of just and godly societies throughout the world. However, it was in the generation of Enosh that […]

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