"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21


Q & A – Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? What is the Evidence?

May 27, 2011

Question: Dear Rabbi Singer: I’m doing a project on missionary and counter-missionary groups.  There is a very large section in my project that deals with theology.  I have read your site as well as the Jews for Jesus site, and I must say that the information is both deep and extensive.  I must commend you.  […]

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