"O L-RD, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, 'Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods? 'Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-RD".
Jeremiah 16:19-21

The Torah

Restoring the Soul – (YouTube)

October 14, 2012

An excellent video by Terry Hayes – Restoring the soul   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neAYB7E6VeA&feature=share&list=ULneAYB7E6VeA

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Challenge to Evangelical Christians, Messianic Jews and Hebrew-Christians …

October 7, 2012

The Challenge: Simply & honestly answer these questions: WITHOUT taking anything out of context, mistranslating, or imposing a pre-conceived notion. (All chapter and verse numbers are according to Christian bibles.) Why does the subject of 2 Sam. 7.14 “commit iniquity,” if, according to Hebrews 1.5, this is Jesus? Why does the speaker in Psalms 41.4 […]

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Your Only Choice …

October 6, 2012

  He (Rabbi Elazar HaKappar) used to say: “– for against your will were you created, against your will were you born, against your will do you live, against your will will you die, and against your will will you stand in judgment before the King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.” Avos […]

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Biblical Allusions to the 7 Universal Laws

October 6, 2012

Path of Abraham Biblical Allusions to the 7 Laws   Click to view Biblical allusions to one of the following 7: IDOLATRY BLASPHEMY MURDER SEXUAL IMMORALITY STEALING JUSTICEMEAT   Blessed is HaShem, Mighty One of Israel, Master of the Universe, the One Alone True, who opens the eyes of man to see wonderous things in His Torah. The Almighty commanded […]

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September 23, 2012

by Ilgar Mizrahi My story as a kind of “thinking aloud” issue begins on the other side of the world in Azerbaijan where I was born. Looking back, it seems that most of my life has been a spiritual journey — a search for the truth. I grew up in a traditional Soviet family where […]

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General Contradictions in the New Testament as seen from Judaism …

September 8, 2012

by Lewis Loflin Introduction The Torah (“Old Testament” to Christians), in Numbers, chapter 23, verses 18 through 19 gives a “parable” or teaching that “G-d is not a man nor the son of man that He should be capable of lying.” Similarly, the fifteenth chapter of the First book of Samuel, verse 29 states: “And also […]

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Resurrection …

August 31, 2012

Resurrection by Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal The Christian scriptures claim that their leader, one Jesus of Nazareth, was crucified by the Romans and that as a result of this he died. These authors of the Christian scriptures tell us that after Jesus’ death he was sighted by some of his followers alive and well. According to […]

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Christianity Unmasked …

August 26, 2012

by 1000 verses Preface A brief word of caution before you begin reading. I will be speaking ill of Christianity and its founder. I will not mince my words; stop here if you don’t want to go there. I will make another introductory statement. I recognize full well that Christians have done much good for […]

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Jesus The Counterfeit Sacrifice And Priest

August 25, 2012

by John Pringle The New Testament proclamations that Jesus was God’s perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world and that Jesus fulfilled the law in this regard are simply blatant misrepresentations of the Old Testament teachings. One of the key assertions of the New Testament (NT) writers was the concept of “original” sin. This […]

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From 7 We Get 66 …

August 21, 2012

    From the 7 Universal Noahide Laws we find 66 specific commandments contained within these 7 Universal Laws.   The Seven Universal Laws, also known as the Seven Noahide Laws, are the minimal observance for non-Jews. All of these laws are derived from specific passages in the Torah (The Hebrew Bible), which G-d gave to […]

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The Seven Noahide Laws (Audio)

August 19, 2012


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Universal Morality – The Seven Noahide Laws …

August 18, 2012

Universal Morality The Seven Noahide Laws According to the sages of the Talmud, there are 70 families with 70 paths within the great Family of Man. And each individual has his or her path within a path. Yet, there is one universal basis for us all. At the dawn of human history, G-d gave man seven rules to […]

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Prophecy and Jesus …

August 13, 2012

Main articles: Prophet and False prophet According to the Torah (Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and 18:18-22), the criteria for a person to be considered a prophet or speak for God in Judaism are that he must follow the God of Israel (and no other god); he must not describe God differently than He is known to be from Scripture; he must not advocate change to God’s word […]

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It’s All From HaShem …

July 24, 2012

The Power of Words AIM OF BLOG Emunah, faith in God, does not mean believing only good things will happen; it means believing that whatever God does is for the best. I wrote these words at a time when drive-by shootings and suicide bombers had become almost weekly, if not daily, tragedies. Now, more than […]

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“One” God – Gentile or Jew …

July 21, 2012

Moshe Ben-Chaim  I am now in regular contact with someone who has brought to my attention her ongoing debate on a Jewish message boards regarding the unity of God. This principle, that God is one, is the truth most vital to our existence, and the truth responsible for all knowledge. For when we err, we […]

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Christianity Is Revisionist Theology

June 20, 2012

Christianity Is Revisionist Theology In the world of corporate advertising, the phrase “new and improved” is routinely used to create an impression of superior quality and substance. The “new” replaces the “old” and provides an improvement or enhancement to what previously existed. Successful marketing results in consumers being influenced enough to purchase a particular product. This is often based on an […]

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Know There is a God …

June 15, 2012

Cultivate the greatest possible relationship with the greatest possible benefits. by Rabbi Noah Weinberg A “life goal” is one that brings you to a heightened state of being. For example, a businessman’s goal is to be rich. Trading stocks or investing in real estate is the means to help accomplish that goal. A similar formula applies […]

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The Blood of the Lamb…

May 19, 2012

by My Phariseefriend The Blood of the Lamb Christians are impressed that it was the blood (!) Of the lamb which saved the Jews in Egypt. Well it was. But it means something quite different than the meaning that Christians have read into it. In fact the blood of the lamb represents the precise opposite […]

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A Summary of Why Jews Should not be Christians

May 6, 2012

“Hear O’ Israel, HaShem is our G-d, HaShem alone”    A Summary of Why Jews Should not be Christians By Keith Kothe Jesus said the most important commandment is “Hear O’Israel, The L-rd is G-d, The L-rd is One. Christianity says G-d is three. The Torah says the messiah will gather the dispersed of Israel, […]

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The Kindness of HaShem is Endless and Abundant…

May 2, 2012

L’zecher nishamos Rav Yochanon Motel ben Rav Ephraim and Moras Esther Leah bas Rav Yehudah Yoseph B”H The Salant Center  Discover Your Goodness The kindness of HaShem is endless and abundant; yet it is also somewhat hidden. The Torah reveals the way for us to attain clarity of HaShem’s kindness, mercy, and love. In fact, […]

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